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This Extract has been prepared by the Greenwood Forest Homeowners’ Association for the information and benefit of all residents of Greenwood Forest.  The full set of restrictions for Greenwood Forest, Sections 1, 11, and 111 and Amendment to Section 1 (consisting of 17 pages) are on record at the Kerr County Courthouse, and are available at a charge of 50 cents per page.  

Section 1—Volume 165 p. 62

Section 1—Amended  Volume 178 p. 65, p. 606

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Section 3—volume 192 p. 708

Section 4—Volume 238, p. 620

Section 5—Volume 286 p. 586

Section 6—Volume 534 p. 688

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Section 9—Volume 619 p. 500

The following are restrictions that apply to ALL sections of Greenwood Forest.  This list is not complete.  To be certain of compliance, homeowners must read the restrictions for their individual section.

1. Streets and roads are dedicated to the use of the public.

2. No lot shall be used for anything other than single family residential purposes. (Note:  no businesses , multiple family groups,  group homes, half-way houses, etc. are allowed in the subdivision)

3. No poultry or livestock may be kept.

4. No dwelling shall be constructed with less than 1,500 square feet (exclusive of porches and garages).

5. Each dwelling must have at least  1 ½ baths and double carport. Some sections require garages instead of carports.

6. Dwelling shall be constructed no nearer than 45 feet from the street upon which the lot fronts.  

7. No outbuilding shall be constructed nearer than 75 feet from such street and not less than 6 feet from the property line.

8. No more than one residence shall be built on any one lot without the written consent of  grantor (HOA).

9. Plan and building must be approved by grantor (HOA) in writing.  

10. Construction of dwelling must be conventional (no prefabricated structure is to be used) with exterior wall of 75% masonry.

11. No fence shall be erected closer to the curb than 35 feet from front property line.  Fences must be constructed of wood --cedar or redwood--, chain link, or masonry.  (Note: other fence material must be approved by HOA in writing.)

12. No house trailer or mobile home shall be parked, placed, or left standing on any part of said premises or adjacent street.

13. Tent trailer, camper, or any other type of portable shelter commonly pulled by passenger car or carried upon or pulled by pickup parked on premises shall be no closer than 6 feet of lot line, or  75 feet of front property line, and must be neat in appearance and concealed (note:  not visible from the street or by neighbors.  May not be parked on the street.  RV’s are not allowed in the neighborhood unless enclosed in a structure built for RVs)

14. Lot purchased without intent of construction must be kept clean and orderly; must not be used for storage or parking of any type of vehicle or equipment.

15. Construction of any dwelling must conform to the Kerrville Building Code.

16. No burning of trash, garbage, wood, leaves, paper or any other substance on any lot.

17. Household pets limited to 3.  All dogs shall be on a leash or confined within a yard fence adequate to confine the animal within its owner’s lot or lots. (Note:  This includes inside and outside pets of any kind including strays that the owner is feeding)

18. No commercial vehicle, including, but not limited to cars, trucks, tractor-trailer or other similar vehicles shall be parked in any area of the subdivision, and no vehicle shall be permanently parked in the dedicated streets. (Note:  visitors may park in the street, but owner’s vehicles should be in driveways)

19. No drilling for oil and/or gas or mining operations of any kind shall be commenced upon any part of Greenwood Forest No. 3 other than to obtain drinking water (and then only with grantor (HOA) consent).

Note:  The original grantor was E. R. Keith, Developer, but the restrictions are now enforced by Greenwood Forest HOA.  Although membership to the HOA is voluntary, adherence to the restrictions is not.  Everyone must abide by the restrictions, even if only renting.  The restrictions are part of the deed to the property.

***Notes are included to clarify the interpretation of the restriction and have been upheld by court ruling.

If there are questions regarding compliance with restrictions, please contact the HOA at P.O. Box 703, Ingram, TX 78025.  Consequences of noncompliance may result in court filings by the HOA.



Forms can be filled in on computer or by hand a mailed to P.O. Box 703, Ingram, TX  78025

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